Pink Cloud: The Euphoria of Fresh Sobriety

Individuals under a pink cloud are bound to face challenges at some time in their life, and support systems are a helpful lifeline when things get hard. “Support systems help individuals through challenging times in their lives, give them encouragement when needed and provide social and emotional reinforcement,” he adds. Experiencing a pink cloud can … Read more

Alcohol and Pain: A Translational Review of Preclinical and Clinical Findings to Inform Future Treatment Strategies

Although this is the most responsible and effective way to evaluate pain, it further emphasizes the potential for abuse and reinforces the fears of the medical team. Certainly, a patient’s experience with alcohol or other drugs will impact the perception of their pain. The findings of this study indicated that the incidence of MDE carries … Read more

My Schizophrenia Heroes: Elyn Saks and John Nash

Founded by Khadi A. Oluwatoyin after missing diverse voices in the sobriety space, Sober Black Girls Club empowers Black women and non-binary folks through recovery journeys. Their blog, newsletter, and online meetings tackle mindfulness, addiction, representation in POC communities, and the path to a vibrant, sober life. In her blog, Annie Grace focuses on … Read more

Close Medicare’s dangerous gaps in addiction treatment coverage

This means this drug has a risk of misuse and may cause dependence. The American Medical Association also supported the new rules, in part because they will liberalize access to buprenorphine, another proven opioid treatment medication. A liquid dose of methadone at the clinic in Rossville, Ga. The medication is only available at designated opioid … Read more